IBIZA Winter Playlist

Stephanie Seungmin Kim
5 min readJan 19, 2022

Ibiza is famous for being the party island.

Every year from May to the end of October, party goers from all over the world visit Ibiza for its “summer season”.

Then one day, the hustle and bustle was cut off, due to Covid-19.

I also frequented Ibiza in the summers. At first, I came here with my beloved Korean friends. After that, I visited this island with my London friends to dance with our favourite DJs’ gigs.

2017 Sa Caleta with my dear brothers

At the closing party of 2018 at DC10 with my friends.

And, in the past few years, when the coronavirus is choking the whole world, how we missed dancing to a club full of people. I recollected those summers and dearly missed them.

For this special island of Ibiza, beautiful nature is everywhere and hidden at the same time.

In early December, loving friends moved here with their two children.

Many friends gathered to be with them. I also spent 3 weeks of this winter in Ibiza, working with these friends, relaxing, and seeing twenty-one sunrises.

As I’m writing this on my return flight, I realise how I am immersed in another charm of this island. And just like a pen dancing alone, words just poured in,

Someday, after this long tunnel of covid 19, people will be returning to Ibiza Island again.

For that time, and for my mnemonic purpose, I share these places of my heart here.

One, special day at Cala Bonita

Cala Bonita, Playa de s’Estanyol, s/n, 07819, Balearic Islands, Spain

Today is our loving friend Zam’s birthday. Cala Bonita is located slightly north of Ibiza Town, around Jejus Hill, at a secret beach at the end of the dusty Camino. The place is older than 10 years but fresh with Mediterranean dishes.

Two Macao Café Sta Gertrudis

Carrer de la Vénda des Poble, 8, 07814 Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera, Illes Balears, Spain

Maccao Cafe is an excellent Italian trattoria that stands in the charming village Santa Gertrudis. Serving up the most delicious pizzas and focaccias on the island in a family-like atmosphere and surrounded by paintings. I met Lolo at a party thrown by Shay and Michellee, and like her paintings, she was mysteriously expressive. Thanks to her, Anna and I got to meet Ashkaine and Nilloeefar.

Loloo wearing ssketchdesign.com

While waiting for food —wrote Ssketch on sands

Three Beso Beach

What is common in Tulum, Formentera and Ibiza?

Beso Beach provides the kind of beach bar vibes we love. Mediterranean escape mixed with a gentle breeze and laidback lounge music that picks up the pace as the sun drops. The palm-lined roof, awaiting the Sunset also had exellent food. I only discovered Carles Abellan, the chef here, stayed with El Bulli — the most famous restaurant of the world — for fifteen years.

Four La Paloma

La Paloma, Me wearing ssketch gel nail ssketchdesign.com

La Paloma never misses its place when discussed as top restaurants of Ibiza. Seriously, stepping over the Paloma threshold felt like stepping into the home of an old family friend. I got to meet one of its three owners — Mouji, Amit and Prasuna. When Amit saw me holding a notebook, he asked me what I was going to write. I asked him could he christine the book with his drawing, and he happily accepted and thanked me for trusting him. At La Paloma, I felt like one of the residents, warm, chilling and kind, one of their extended family.

Carrer Can Pou, 4, 07812 Sant Llorenç de Balàfia, Illes

La Paloma is in St Lorenzo town.

Our villa at Es Cuball

Our villa showed a different sunrise every day for 3 weeks

But we had our own nest in Es Cuball.

In fact, I didn’t leave the villa much. The Es Cuball beach was twenty minutes away on foot. When not at the beach, we stayed in the villa, picked lemons every day in our little orchard, drank water with them, and followed the sun within the villa with either laptop or a sketchbook. In the evening, we watched movies, drank wine and brainstormed different ideas with one other.

I’ve never missed one sunrise.

Ssketch_design collection

Stephanie Seungmin Kim
CEO of ISKAI Contemporary Art & Sleepers Summit